Welcome! My journalism career and curiosity about the world started while working as a copy boy for the Wall Street Journal. I’ve logged over a million miles in my travels across the globe, from Morocco to China, up to the Arctic Circle and across Southern Africa.

I was dragged kicking and screaming onto the web after friends and publishers insisted it was time for me to enter the new millennium by creating a web site. I finally agreed. Although, to be honest, I’d rather be looking at the world than having the world look at me. Regardless, I thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Recent Adventures and Musings

Washington D.C. Cabbie Stories


When I travel, I often learn more about the pulse beat of a place–an unfiltered, from the heart perspective–from the cabbies than I do from the local tourism officials. I’m in Washington D.C. now,... READ MORE

Discovering the Smithsonian with Becky Haberacker


Join correspondent, Tom Wilmer in Washington D.C. for a visit with Becky Haberacker, spokesperson at The Smithsonian Institution. Becky shares her insights in to The Smithsonian experience that includes 19 museums and galleries,... READ MORE