Welcome! My journalism career and curiosity about the world started while working as a copy boy for the Wall Street Journal. I’ve logged over a million miles in my travels across the globe, from Morocco to China, up to the Arctic Circle and across Southern Africa.

I was dragged kicking and screaming onto the web after friends and publishers insisted it was time for me to enter the new millennium by creating a web site. I finally agreed. Although, to be honest, I’d rather be looking at the world than having the world look at me. Regardless, I thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Recent Adventures and Musings

Museum of Nebraska Art with Audrey Kauders

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Dubbed MONA, the Museum of Nebraska Art is located in the repurposed, neoclassical Kearney, Nebraska Post Office. Built in 1911, the building is pure elegance with an abundant use of marble and wrought iron... READ MORE

A Doctor’s Guide to Alternative Medicine

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Dr. Mel Borins started his path as a western trained physician within the bounds of accepted mainstream practice. But, not long after graduating from medical school, his life took a dramatic turn while traveling... READ MORE